Tom Cruise best stunts show that he is one of the craziest actors. In other words, one of the actors breaks all the boundaries. Furthermore, some go so far that what he is doing is not normal. However, what is certain is Tom is one of the actors with the most work in Hollywood.

He was in over 50 films. Thanks to decades of working behind the camera, Tom is one of the richest actors. He had his first major role in the film Risky Business. However, he continued with major projects during the 1980s and 1990s. Even more, unlike at the beginning of his career, today he is producing more and more.

He starred in a lot of blockbusters, some of which grossed several billion dollars. Furthermore, Mission Impossible franchise grossed over $ 3 billion. Some of the biggest projects are Jerry Maguire, Top Gun, and many others.

Tom Cruise private life

He has had several interesting moments during his career so far. He first married in 1987 with Mimi Rogers. Furthermore, many believe it was she who introduced him to Scientology. After three years of marriage, everyone went their own way. During the filming of Days of Thunder, he began a relationship with Nicole Kidman.

The two spend ten years in marriage. However, that didn’t last either, as well as the marriage with Katie Holmes. With Katie, he has one child Suri, and from his marriage to Nicole a son Connor and a daughter Bella.

Tom Cruise best stunts

Imagine a scene where Tom jumps out of a plane from a height of 25,000 meters. In other words, it’s not the green canvas behind the actor. Is it courage or madness? Even more, Tom is an actor who does most of the stunts himself. Overhanging from the plane to the climb to the tallest building. Furthermore, Cruise always finds a way to show that he is not like the other actors.

In Mission impossible, he had to climb the tallest building in the world. Furthermore, he had to hold his breath underwater for a few minutes. As well as jump out of a plane from a height of 25,000 m. In the movie Top Gun: Maverick he flew real planes. However, it took about six cameras to be able to capture the entire action from the cockpit.

Burj Khalifa with a height of 2700 m is the tallest building in the world. To perform the stunt, Tom had to climb to an altitude of 1700 m. He was wearing special equipment, and the crew had to break 26 different windows. In one movie, Tom had to jump 120 m high into a water tank about 20 m high. Furthermore, he had to hold his breath for between 4 and 6 minutes. In conclusion, decide for yourself as to whether it was courage or madness.