Home Celebrities Tom Cruise in a relationship with Hayley Atwell?

Tom Cruise in a relationship with Hayley Atwell?

Tom Cruise in a relationship with Hayley Atwell?

In December last year, we found out that Tom Cruise is in a relationship with Hayley Atwell. Now we got new photos of a happy couple from the set of the movie “Mission Impossible 7”. Actor Tom Cruise once had a reputation as a great seducer, but after he divorced actress Katie Holmes in 2012, he wasn’t in any serious relationship.

Finally, we found out that he is in love once again. His new girlfriend is a 20-year-younger actress Hayley Atwell. They become closer on the set of “Mission Impossible 7”. At that moment their photos from the set went all around the world, and now they are captured in the intimate moment. Tom and Hayley were chatting during a break on the set. Not to mention that those are their first photos since everyone knows that they are a couple. Tom and Hayley fell in love at first sight.

The source added that the lockdown brought them even closer and that they quickly became inseparable. They are together after filming, and they get along very well. We can say that they look very happy.

What happened with Tom Cruise marriages?

Tom’s marriage with Katie ended because of the controversial Scientology faith. Because of this, she moved out of their shared house in fear for herself and their daughter Suri. However, he had a right to see his daughter 10 days a month. But accordingly, to some information he didn’t see Suri since the moment he divorced her mother.

Before Holmes, he was also married to Nicole Kidman. The couple was married from 1990 to 2000 and together they adopted son Connor and daughter Isabella. The first woman he was married to was also actress Mimi Rogers. They married in 1987 and they divorced three years later. Accordingly to some information because of her, he comes to Scientology. Since that time he becomes a great proponent of it.


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