Home Movies&TV Shows Top Gun remake – Will Tom go higher or will he fail?

Top Gun remake – Will Tom go higher or will he fail?

Top Gun remake – Will Tom go higher or will he fail?

Top Gun remake is certainly one of the movies many will talk about for a long time to come. In other words, the sequel of the movie that Tom pushed into the stars no one should ignore. Even more, be it good or bad, is still a reminder of the famous ’80s. In other words of a time when action movies were made without a lot of technology. Furthermore when you could see the real people doing real stuff.

Top Gun: Maverick is a film by Joseph Kosinski. The film stars Val Kilmer, Tom Cruise, Ed Harris, Lewis Pullman. As well as Glen Powell, Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, Jon Hamm. Also, Val Kilmer will reprise the role as well as Tom Cruise. The film had several difficulties at first. Furthermore, the screening was postponed several times. For the first time, all the fight scenes should be there. And the second time because of the pandemic.

Top Gun remake – the story

The film follows the story thirty years after the first Top Gun. Pete Mitchell is where he wants to be. Furthermore Maverick still refuses to advance because that means he can no longer fly. In other words as a test pilot, he continues to live his dream.

Coming to school Top Gun Pete will have to face the ghosts of the past. When he has to train a detachment of graduates for a special mission, problems will arise. Furthermore there he will meet with Lieutenant Bradley Bradshaw. In other words, the son of Goose died during a test flight.

Maverick Top Gun 2 Facts

Tony Scott, the director of the first film, had a plan to work on a sequel. However the day before the meeting with Tom Cruise he committed suicide. For a long time, it was not certain whether Val Kilmer would be in the film. Furthermore, due to his serious health condition, it was uncertain will he be ready.

Tom is older in real life than Tom Skerritt / Viper was. Miles got the role by being better than Glen Powell and Nicholas Hoult. All three had to pass chemistry tests at Tom Cruise’s house. Jennifer Connelly has the role of Penny Benjamin. In the first film, the character is the daughter of an admiral whom Maverick has met several times.


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