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Tweet Sold for Incredibly $ 2.9 Million?

Tweet Sold for Incredibly $ 2.9 Million?

The non-fungible token was sold on the Valuables platform. NFT is owned by US company Cent. Jack Dorsey, the boss, and co-founder of Twitter sold his first Tweet in a form of an irreplaceable token (NFT). It was sold for more than 2,9 million dollars.

This Tweet was in the form of NFT, which is a new digital token similar to cryptocurrencies. However, this token represents a unique digital asset whose popularity exploded in 2021. Each NFT, which is based on blockchain technology has its own digital signature that serves as a public ledger. Not to mention, that in this way, users can verify the authenticity and ownership of the property.

“I’m just posting my Tweet”. This was Dorseyev’s first Tweet which was published on March 21, 2006. Finally, it’s was sold at auction on the Valuables platform. It was purchased for using the concurrency ether. At the moment of the sale it worth 2,9 million dollars. However, all this information came from the CEO and co-founder of the Center, Cameron Hejazi.

Now, let us find out who buys this Tweet? According to the information from the Cent Company, this Tweet was buoyed by Sina Estavi, CEO of the Malaysia-based blockchain firm Bridge Oracle.

Dorsey, a lover of the virtual cryptocurrency bitcoin, posted a link on Twitter for selling NFT on 6th March. After that, he announced that he will turn the auction proceeds into bitcoin and donate it to people in Africa who are suffering from the coronavirus.


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