Home Fun Vestmannaeyjar island – this is really an elephant

Vestmannaeyjar island – this is really an elephant

Vestmannaeyjar island – this is really an elephant

Vestmannaeyjar island you just can’t ignore. In other words, the Icelandic elephant cliff is a unique attraction. Furthermore has made many wonders if the rock is of natural origin? Or it’s a work of a stonemason. No matter what, this rock will attract the curious for a long time to come.

Westman Islands

Westman Islands are an archipelago off the south coast of Iceland. The largest island of Heimaey has over 4,000 inhabitants. Most of the inhabitants live in Vestmannaeyjabær. Even though many don’t have inhabitants, six of them have hunting lodges.

Vestmannaeyjar attracts attention since 1973. After the Eldfell eruption. Furthermore, the volcano destroyed many buildings. In conclusion, a fifth of the city was destroyed.

The islands are part of famous archipelago. They belong to the Southern Icelandic belt. The volcanic system consists of 70 to 80 volcanoes. Below and above the sea. The famous archipelago includes several islands. These are Heimaey, Surtsey, Elliðaey. Also Bjarnarey, Álsey, Suðurey. As well as Brandur, Hellisey, Súlnasker, Geldungur, Geirfuglasker.

There are 30 rocks, waterfalls, and 15 islands. Furthermore, the islands owe their existence to submarine eruptions. Therefore, basalt columns are visible in many places. The sea had impact on numerous bays in certain places.

Vestmannaeyjar island – Is this really an elephant

The most famous of all the islands is Heimaey. Thanks to the planetarily popular rock. In other words, it looks like an elephant pushing a trunk into the sea. It is most surprising the rock is of natural origin. And yes this has nothing to do with any budding stonemason.

The owes its shape to a volcanic eruption. Furthermore, the basalt rock provides an illusion of rough ivory skin. In conclusion, thanks to Eldfell we have this shape of the rock. Although the locals are used to this rock, many tourists aren’t.

There are tours where you can see the rock by boat. Tourists can also enjoy in the company of a sweet Puffins. There are several apartments and hotels nearby. This way tourists can see the elephant whenever they want. In the end, they can see firsthand what a real masterpiece looks like.


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