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Virginia Roberts and Other Epstein’s Victims

Virginia Roberts and Other Epstein’s Victims

Virginia Roberts was only 16 when she was working at the Mar-a-Lago spa, owned by Donald Trump. It didn’t take long for Ghislaine Maxwell to notice her and groom her. She was promised a better job and education and instead, she was raped.

She said that she was groomed immediately. It first started with Epstein, then the circle of her ‘clients’ got bigger. Virginia was ordered to sexually satisfy a number of rich and powerful men, including the member of the royal family, Prince Andrew.

Virginia Roberts Wants Everyone Involved to Get What They Deserve

Virginia opened up about sensitive subjects for the first time in public. She wants to make pressure on everyone involved so they can get to the trial and get a proper sentence for their acts.

Virginia discovered that the mastermind behind all of this was actually Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell. Ghislaine was grooming and training her how to properly satisfy her boyfriend and others and how to be quiet and subservient.

She said that she can’t get over the fact that a woman was actually in charge of this operation. A woman and a girlfriend of a paedophile was the mastermind behind this horrible abuse.

Virginia was scared to death at the time and she didn’t know how to report it and how to run away. It was another world, which was so private that all these things could happen and nobody would ever know.

There were so many other girls who suffered the same

Jennifer Araoz is one more girl who was abused by paedophile Epstein. She was only 14 years old at the time and also groomed by his girlfriend Maxwell. Jennifer was invited frequently to his house and she would get money for it every single time.

A few weeks after, the meetings turned into massages and after she turned 15, it turned into rape. She was frightened and didn’t tell anyone about the rape, which she now, regrets. Jennifer was scared and ashamed about what happened, so she just changed school and ran away.

Savannah Guthrie was another victim. If you want to see her story, check the video below.


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