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What Breed of your Dog says about Your Personality?

What Breed of your Dog says about Your Personality?

We’ve all heard how owners and their pets look alike, but what does the Breed of your Dog say about your personality? It’s not clear whether the dog changes their owner or the owner defines the dog’s personality. Maybe they both build each other but one is certain – we do have some stuff in common with our pup.


The owners of puddle dogs are mostly very elegant and enjoy the fancy lifestyle. It doesn’t mean you are superficial, but simply know how to appreciate finer things. Intelligence and the capability to learn quickly are the most distinctive traits for puddle owners. Appreciation for art, fine wines, food and everything that culture offers – that’s what defines these people.

German Shepherd

These are strong and reliable people. They will be the person you’ll always be able to rely on in any situation. They are serious when taking responsibility and they are protectors of their family and friends. German Shepherd owners are also very loyal.

Jack Russel

Owners of this little pup are active people who love spending their days in the gym, hike or play sports. They are also very stubborn and you can’t change their opinion no matter what you do.


Owners of this dog are very intelligent and protective towards the ones they love. They might be a bit scary to other people but that’s just at first sight – until they get to know them.

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Pugs are playful and always full of energy like their owners. They are people with who you’ll never get bored. They are also very cuddly and friendly.


The owners are just like their pets – impossible to get angry. They are always very kind to others and loyal to their loved ones. It is the perfect dog to stay in a pet friendly hotel.

Pit Bull

Owners of Pit Bulls are not judgemental. They know how it feels when others judge you by your looks. When they need to be gentle, they will be. Don’t worry, they will always judge the situation very well before they react.


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