Home Celebrities What does Grimes eat in a Day? Eeeew

What does Grimes eat in a Day? Eeeew

What does Grimes eat in a Day? Eeeew

Grimes is probably the most unique celebrity we know. If you thought she was weird in general, wait until you see what she eats. She is not a morning person, so check out her technique for getting out of bed.

What does Grimes eat?

She has a real struggle to wake up, so she thought of a literally sweet technique to help her. When her eyes open but she’s not able to get up, she would eat a ‘Go Cube’. Those are sweet, caffeinated gummy cubes. She would pop that in her mouth, eat it and go back to sleep. Caffeine would slowly enter her system and get her to wake up.

It’s not a secret she isn’t a foodie. She was never eating regular meals but just combine breakfast, lunch and dinner into one giant meal for dinner. However, since she got pregnant, she changed her habits.

Breakfast sounds great with butter and toast, doesn’t it? Well, this version not so much. Grimes explained that she would melt an entire stick of butter and soak the toast in it from both sides, until getting it completely saturated. Then, she would put some jam on it. This is only for people who have a strong stomach.

She is being careful about her caffeine intake during pregnancy, so she is just chewing go cubes and drinking fancy matcha. When not consuming butter toast, she would eat cereal with bananas, blueberries or raspberries. At least that sounds normal – despite her really hates fruit.

Grimes generally hates fruits and vegetables but she makes a great effort to eat healthy during pregnancy. There are some good foods she eats but some will surprise you. The most disgusting thing that she eats is probably her ‘cous-cous sludge’. Watch this Youtuber make it and try it in real life in the video below;


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