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What is Happening Behind # FreeBritney?

What is Happening Behind # FreeBritney?

The # FreeBritney movement is spreading online for a long time. Basically from the moment when Britney Spears suffered a nervous breakdown in 2007. At that time she ended in the hospital, and from that moment everyone is talking about her life.

At the time when she was a minor, her father got legal custody of Britney. For a long time, a lot of people discuss this relationship. A lot of people love to say that she is her father’s “slave” for years. Thus, the singer revealed in court that she wanted a child with her boyfriend Sam Asghari, but her father was explicitly against it.

According to the newspaper, Britney’s father hasn’t allowed her to live independently and that is the main reason why she is often on the court. At one moment she confessed that her father forced her to take drugs and then he put her in the mental health facility, but that didn’t help.

We need to mention that he is the only person who manages her wealth. And for all that fans launched the # FreeBritney movement. They just want to allow their favorite singer to live independently. Even her mother is a supporter of this movement. In a turbulent period, her father takes care of her until she became mentally stable. That should last just one year.

Two months after hospitalization, she was a guest in a TV show “How I Met Your Mother”. 6 months after that, she gave up the video Womanizer and started promoting her new album Circus with a world tour that reached a value of about 131.8 million dollars. The main question is if she was so sick, why did she start working right away?

# FreeBritney has only one goal

Her father reopened the trial after a year, to become her permanent guardian. If we ask him, she had the onset of dementia in her early twenties. He succeeded and the situation is the same for the last 12 years. Britney isn’t allowed to do certain things without her father’s permission because he could legally lock her in the mental health facility. She can’t drive her car, vote, have children, spend her money, basically she can’t see how much money she has on her account. And those are just small things she isn’t allowed to do.

While all of these things are actually for the elderly and infirm, people for real dementia. Brtiney Spears’ father doesn’t mind. But since conservation began 12 years ago, she has released four albums and made three world tours. She was also a permanent judge at X Factor, released several lines of perfume and lingerie, and earned more than $ 138 million in one year.

Once again, last year, Britney was placed in a mental health facility for three months. She has been seen driving a car in the company of her boyfriend and she refuses to take tranquilizers from her father. All in all, Britney was a child star who started her career when she was 4 years old. But still, we don’t know what will happen in the future.


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