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Where Is The Most Famous Lover Today?

Where Is The Most Famous Lover Today?

In the past, she was the most famous lover, but today she has a totally different life. After everything, she continued her education in London, and in 2006 she graduated in social psychology. Monica Lewinsky, the most famous mistress of the 20th century, was in the spotlight many times. Last time when the documentary “The Clinton Affair” was actual. In this documentary A&E television network speak about what happens in the White House while she was working as an intern there. At that time she was 22-years-old.

She revealed many things in that documentary, among other things, how Bill Clinton gave her a hat pin and the book “Blades of Grass.” After that, they went to the Oval Office bathroom. This gift had a special meaning for her. Because that was intimacy book. You can give it to someone special only.

„Is that what I feel real? Is there something there? All those insecurities somehow disappeared when he gave me this book.” Said Monica. We can say that this was the moment when they become something more. At that moment, they come to the point where he would always stop in earlier meetings. But that time he didn’t stop, and she becomes the most famous lover.

Although she is already in her fifties, Monica has shone at the last few events. It looks like the hard days are behind her. Especially those when she fell into debt after the affair due to the legal costs. She was forced to exploiting the affair that bore her name. Because of the media lynching, she tried to kill herself. With the help of her family, she found the strength to start anew.

She subsequently continued her education in London and in 2006 she graduated in social psychology. The topic of her diploma thesis was “In search of an impartial juror”. Also, she deals with prejudices in the courtroom. Today, Monica lives far from the eyes of the public, a peaceful life, but she still fights and helps young people when it comes to prejudice.


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