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Who is Grimes and Why is She Important for Music World

Who is Grimes and Why is She Important for Music World

Grimes or by her real name, Claire Boucher has spent a decade in a battle to reclaim her reputation. She isn’t a stable pop silhouette we can get used to as she completely changes her style in every photo and video.

The only consistent thing about her (aside from the swords in her videos) is that she has incredible skill as the sole producer of her music. She wants to show that women can do tech work – but then she got stuck in another paradox. She was labelled as a female producer – while she just wanted to be labelled as a successful and talented artist.

After she had a child with Elon Musk, things kind of went downhill if we speak about her image. However, nothing will stop this young artist whose mind is exploding with ideas.

Grimes is tailoring her own future

Grimes blames the media for putting Art Angles out as her shot in mainstream pop, instead of a display of her talents as a producer. She does indeed try to speak about it while it’s constantly being downgraded, ignored or even mocked.

However, her creativity and persistence could be what makes a big shift in the music industry. She chose to have control over her music and reputation, instead of making a ton of money.

It seems like she is at loss and paying the price for having control over her career. She seems aware of it and already has a plan on how to appeal to the wider audience. Despite all the pressure and rocky roads, Grimes never gave up. She kept going on and building her career in the direction she felt is right.

Her relationship with Elon Musk got in between and kind of caused huge chaos for her image representation. She changed her bio on Twitter, defended Musk who was a Trump advisor and stood up Azealia Banks in an attempt for collaboration.

Grimes seems to have difficulties to deal with media and public presentation. Remember the houseboat adventure? Well, whatever happens, it can’t deny her exquisite talent as a producer and musician.

Why is she important for the music scene?

Grimes is bringing in a new culture, a new view and a new message. She is an example of true feminism, showing what she’s capable of instead of letting the industry channel her as they like. She is creating new genres and stretching the music to new levels. That’s why she is important for the progress of the music scene and its future.


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