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Who was Kate Middleton Before? Exclusive Photos

Who was Kate Middleton Before? Exclusive Photos

For most of us, Kate Middleton only came to the attention after her engagement with Prince William in 2010. The couple married in April of 2011 and since then, the world was introduced to her as the Duchess of Cambridge.

She is a wife, humanitarian, a mother and a future queen. There is a lot of info about Kate since she became a duchess. However, that made everyone start to wonder about her past. Where did she come from? How did her life look like before?

Kate Middleton working as a sales assistant

After she graduated from the University of St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland, she accepted the position as an accessory buyer in Jigsaw, the British retailer. The chain’s founder, Belle Robinson said that she was very impressed by her as an employee. “She would sit in the kitchen during lunchtime and chat with everyone, from accounts staff to van drivers. She wasn’t precious.”

In November of 2007, Kate changed her career and began working as a photographer, marketing officer and website designer for the event planning company from her parents.

After graduation, Kate lived in a flat with her sister Pippa. Her parents, Carole and Michael Middleton have purchased the apartment for the three children to live in. Kate was just like any other young woman at that time, going out for drinks with friends, dancing in clubs and parties.

She also attended high-profile events like book signings, charity events and Wimbledon. She is still one of the most important guests at Wimbledon to this day.

Kate and Prince William

On her 25th birthday, Kate opened a door to her flat only to find over 30 photographers and local TV crews walking her to her car. William wasn’t happy about it and Clarence House has released a statement saying how Prince would like more than anything for paparazzi to stop harassing her.

It’s a move that his younger brother Harry also took when paparazzi harassed his then-girlfriend, now wife, Meghan Markle. Despite constant public attention, Kate attended Will’s polo matches and was always by his side, even at the wedding of Camilla’s daughter, Laura Parker Bowles.


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