Home Lifestyle Woof, this place really exists – Fujian Sakura garden

Woof, this place really exists – Fujian Sakura garden

Woof, this place really exists – Fujian Sakura garden

Fujian Sakura garden is an example heaven on earth does exist. Furthermore, if you want to rest your eyes, Fujian Province is for you. Also, many go there to be able to see the unreal scene. The contrast of green tea leaves and cherry blossoms are the main attractions of the garden in northeast China.

In the middle of the magical tea field in Yongfu are cherry trees. However, some trees bloom before spring and others just at that time of year. Even though the cherry blossom sakura is the most famous symbol of Japan, it also does not go unnoticed in China. Therefore more than a thousand people go to Yongfu every day to walk in the garden. In conclusion, they enjoy irresistible scents and magnificent scenes.

Fujian Sakura garden

Sakura flower

Cherry blossom is an unofficial flower from Japan. Furthermore has been celebrated for centuries and occupies an important place in their culture. In Japan, there are several different varieties of cherries, most of which bloom from March to April. However it blooms in Japan, this beautiful fruit is native to China. Cherry blossoms have a special status in China. In other words, it means female mysticism and love. In China, they symbolize beauty, sexuality, and female strength.

Fujian Sakura garden

A beautiful place to see flowers will relax even the biggest skeptics. In other words cherry blossom tea garden. In the eastern part of Longyan near Yimapingchuan Mountain at 755 m above sea level, there is a real paradise. Green water, beautiful mountains … Even though there are many other places of cherry blossom in China, why is this place so special?

The main reason is Taiwanese highland tea in the hills. Furthermore, cherry blossoms are more beautiful with tea with a bit of pink and red. Although there are several hills of tea, China is most proud of Yongfu Sakura Garden.

Did you know Fujian Sakura garden is the most special flower resort in China? In other words, many know it as Xiaolushan or Alpine Garden. Also, it is the largest base for the production of oolong tea with 42 varieties. In conclusion, it is best to come during the Spring Festival. There is nothing better than enjoying the awakening of nature with the taste of some of the best teas.


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