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You should break up with your partner?

You should break up with your partner?

One research showed that 40% of women will not stay in a relationship with a person if they are not happy. Sometimes can be a hard job to break up a relationship, specifically if we invest a lot of time and effort. But sometimes is better to break up than stay unhappy in the relationship. We are bringing some signs that your relationship came to the end.

1. You constantly break up

Research shows that many couples break up at some point, and then they came back. But if this becomes an endless cycle you may consider if you will agree with something like that. People in these relationships usually stay because of fear or they are in fear of what the future will bring them. But this is not good for you, either for your partner.

2. You don’t like yourself

If you are in a relationship where you don’t like yourself, that can be very exhausting. Specifically, if you feel like this because of the partner. This can have a lot of effect on you. If your partner dragging you down, instead of moving you forward, you should break up.

3. Your partner is constantly criticizing you

It’s one thing when the partner points out something that bothers him, which is a healthy way of communication. And it’s something completely another thing is he constantly criticizing everything about you. With such communication, partners lose respect for each other, so it is best to move away from such a relationship.

4. You are afraid that you will stay alone

Fear of loneliness isn’t a good reason to stay in a relationship. Specifically, if you aren’t happy with your partner. People who don’t like to be alone, often agree with a partner who doesn’t suit them. But the fear prevents them from leaving that relationship.

5. You live in the past

If you only remember good things from the past, that is a problem. If your partner’s behavior changed in the meantime, and only the hope that your relationship will be the same as in the past is holding you in that relationship, you should break up.

6. Your relationship is very superficial

At the beginning of the relationship, you will not tell the most intimate things. But over time, you should get close enough with your partner and discuss more serious topics. If you are in a relationship for a long time, and still you two didn’t talk about serious topics, this relationship is not for you.

7. Your relationship is one-sided

If a partner wants to spend time only at the moment when he needs company and comfort, that’s not a good sign. Such a person only takes advantage of you and they will not take care of other sides needs. If you give your partner support and love, it’s normal to expect the same thing. On the other hand, you can be stuck in a toxic relationship.

8. He constantly threatens to break up

If your partner constantly threatens to break up, specifically during the fight, this can be a sign of manipulation. In this way, the person uses your fear of leaving to control you. It’s important to recognize such behavior and break up.


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