Home Fun You though you are Dumb? Check This Out!

You though you are Dumb? Check This Out!

You though you are Dumb? Check This Out!

If you thought that you are Dumb, here’s a comfort for you. You will be surprised what some adults don’t know!

…you thought you are Dumb

  1. My roommate was baking a cake and in the instructions, it said ‘put oil on the bottom of the pan’. He took the pan, turned it upside down and put the oil on the very bottom. Then, he turned it back up and poured the cake batter inside.
  1. One time, I bought an electric water kettle. One day, she was running out of the apartment with a burning kettle in her hand. She yelled that the kettle was a piece of trash, because ‘As soon as she put it on the stove, it started melting’.
  1. My friend found out she was pregnant. She was sad because she couldn’t bathe anymore until the baby is born. When I asked why she looked at me dead serious and said; ‘The baby will drown”.
  1. When my friend bought the house, she asked me when will someone from the public city service come and mow the lawn. It was really weird explaining to her that she needs to do that – on her own.
  1. My younger brother asked me how to make ice. He is 24 years old.
  1. My ex-best friend moved into the apartment, living alone for the first time. He told me that he needed to buy a new vacuum cleaner, already third this month. When I asked what’s wrong, he said that it doesn’t have any suction anymore. I asked him if he checked the container and cleaned it. He didn’t know what was I talking about.
  1. ‘I have to pee but I just put my tampon in five minutes ago.’ – my college friend told me. I was confused until I found out that her mother told her that girls only have one hole down there. So, she thought that she needs to take out the tampon in order to pee.


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