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You Will Never do Such a Magnificent Work Again?

You Will Never do Such a Magnificent Work Again?

The cathedral showed the power of Russia. According to the legend that is still alive today, the terrible Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible blinded the architects so that they could never make an equally magnificent work again!

Kudos to the Kremlin, Red Square, and everything else. But if you mention Moscow you will probably think about the magnificent cathedral in different colors. So, it will be good to learn something about her.

This magnificent building is built in the middle of the 16 century. Build such a building in that period was a real straightforward feat. At that moment this was the biggest building in the city. They got a lot of advice from Italy. Specifically about the new technique. Cathedral showed the power of Russia. At that time they just came out of the war. Also, there is a legend that Ivan the Terrible blinded the architects. He didn’t want to give them a chance to make more of those beautiful buildings.

This Magnificent Cathedral change the look

Almost five centuries later, the identity of the architects can’t be confirmed. For that reason, the legend is maybe true. Today, everyone is thinking that Barma and Postnik Yakovlev are responsible for this building. Many believe that it is actually one person and that Barma is the nickname for Yakovlev.

The building, officially known as Pokrovsky Cathedral, consists of 10 domes. Each of them is in a different color – blue, green, red, yellow. She is very well known in the world for her fairytale appearance, and tourists also love her.

Over time we can see some significant changes and restorations. This building manages to survive Napoleon’s attack in 1812. Despite the terrible predictions, Stalin didn’t have the courage to destroy it. Today the cathedral is red, but it is believed that it was white with golden domes in the beginning. In the 17th century, we got today’s look. The cathedral was recognized by UNESCO and included in the World Heritage List.


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