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Killer or not? This is the Question!

Killer or not? This is the Question!

Some of them had great careers, still, some of you will remember them as killers. The life of Hollywood stars may seem perfect, but the reality is completely the opposite. Even if they have a lot of money and they have the adoration of many fans, the same kind of life brings the dark side. We bring you a list of the most famous stars who accidentally or intentionally become a killer.

Caitlyn Jenner

The American Olympian and television star caused a car accident in 2015 while she was still Bruce. While she was driving her SUV, she crashed into another car. That car was then hit by another vehicle. The driver of the car died and seven people were seriously injured. Caitlyn gives blood to the police to confirm she was not drunk, and the family of the slain girl apologized and promised to pray for them.

Snoop Dogg killer

This famous American rapper and his bodyguard are accused of killing a man in 1993. He and the bodyguard meet with a member of the opposing gang who had previously clashed with one of the rapper’s friends. A man, who was 20-years-old approached Shoop’s car, and at the same time reached for a gun. At that moment Snoop’s bodyguard reacted and shoot him. After a long time, Snoop won a legal battle.

Matthew Broderick

American actor and husband of Sarah Jessica Parker killed two people in a car accident in 1997. A car accident happened in Ireland when he swerved into the wrong lane and crashed into a vehicle coming from the opposite direction. He should be in jail for five years, but in the end, he only needs to pay a $ 175 fine.

Ted Kennedy

The youngest brother of President J. F. Kennedy in 1969 organized a party on the islet of Chappaquiddick. He left the island with a 28-year-old secretary Mary Jo Kopechne. Crossing a wooden bridge, a drunk Kennedy lost control of his car and landed in the sea. He managed to get out of the car in time and surface, but his secretary didn’t. After that Kennedy left the scene of the accident and he didn’t report the death for a full nine hours. Luckily for him, he was given a suspended sentence of two months in prison.

Laura Bush killer

The first lady of former US President George W. Bush was involved in a car accident a few days after her 17th birthday. Her friend and schoolmate died in that traffic accident, and Laura denied her involvement and she was never convicted.

Venus Williams

In June 2017, Venus William was driving his SUV in Florida when another car collided with hers at an intersection. The driver of the car survived, but her 78-year-old husband later died. It was initially suspected that Williams turned into an intersection without the right of way. But in the end, they watch a surveillance video that showed she was not guilty.

OJ Simpson killer

This was one of the most notorious murders in American history, the famous American football player OJ Simpson become a killer after he kills his ex-wife and her friend. After a long legal battle, OJ was acquitted, but the U.S. public still believes Juice was unjustly released. Several movies and documentaries have been made on this topic. All this just showed how intrigued this murder was by the public.

Keith Moon

This legendary drummer of the band ‘The Who’, ran over his friend and bodyguard on the road after leaving the club. Keith was under the influence of drugs and did not see him, and his friend’s death haunted him until at the age of 32. In that time he died of an overdose.

Phil Spector killer

Renowned music producer Phil Spector has been convicted of the murder of actress Lane Clarkson. He shoots her on February 3th, 2003. He claimed that this death was an accident. But the jury sentenced him to 19 years in prison in 2009.

Sid Vicious

In 1978, Six Pistols bassist Sid Vicious stabbed his girlfriend. The first time he said that he found her dead on the bathroom floor in their hotel room. But later he admits that he stabbed her, but he didn’t have the intention to kill her. He was charged with murder, but Vicious never appeared in court, because he died of a drug overdose.

Oscar Pistorius killer

Four-time Paralympic runner Oscar Pistorius was convicted of killing his girlfriend Reeve Steenkamp in 2013. Three fatal shots were fired through the locked bathroom door. Pistorius claims he thought he is shooting at the intruder.


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