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Lost City of Atlantis – Is this really a true location

Lost City of Atlantis – Is this really a true location

The world is full of mysteries that remain hidden. The lost city of Atlantis is the secret that still represents the biggest mystery. In addition with other ocean secrets. Ships stranded at the bottom of the sea, hidden treasures, lost cities… All this can be an introduction to one of the greatest stories ever told.

The Greek philosopher Plato first mention Atlantis 2300 years ago. According to him, the kingdom existed 9000 years before his time. Which one day suddenly just disappeared. Even after many years of research, it is still not sure what happened. What is the true destiny of a city with a temple of Poseidon?

The lost city of Atlantis – location

The most common question that preoccupies scientists is the location. Island kingdom probably sunken after a tsunami or earthquake. The remains can be near the Gibraltar rock. However, Plato believed the city must be in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Some believe the former civilization sank off the coast of Spain. According to Plato, there was an island that was larger than Asia and Libya.

On one occasion, Bright Insight claimed to have discovered a location in the Sahara. The eye of the Sahara or Richat geological formation is located in Ouadane. The circular structure is according to some, a natural phenomenon. Richat has an outer circle with a diameter of 23.5 km. Plato claimed Atlantis had 127 stages or 24.49 km.

Myths and fairy tales – how Atlantis came to be

According to legend, Poseidon built Atlantis. After falling in love with mortal women, he built a city on a hill to protect her. The Captivation Palace was surrounded by rings of earth and water. The five water rings were connected to the mainland by five tunnels. The tunnels were so large they could accommodate ships. The wall surrounding the rings was made of white, black, and red rock.

However, others believe demigods lived in the city. In other words it was a region where people could raise food and animals. With beautiful buildings of black and red stone. Residents from Atlantis had access to rare metals they used for experimental purposes.

The rise of the Lost City of Atlantis

In addition to numerous legends, there is still a lot of unknown and undiscovered. The most interesting is the opinion of Edgar Cayce. For instance he predicted the lost civilization will rise off the coast of East America.

Were the inhabitants of Atlantis aliens

For some, this civilization was an alien colony. Furthermore its inhabitants were believed to have special powers. In other words, they could control volcanic eruptions and time.

The lost city of Atlantis – Reality or fiction

Although many believe it is just a legend, some theories prove otherwise. Robert Ballard finds a connection to a volcanic eruption on the island of Santorini. Ballard believes in an advanced society that suddenly disappeared. Ignatius Donnelly confirms the disappearance of the Central Atlantic continent.

Few researchers believe the location of the ancient civilization is near the Bahamas. Furthermore, Bermuda Triangle is responsible for the disappearance of the old kingdom.

And yet most scholars believe Plato invented the story. Because of the image of an ideal civilization. What is the real truth in the end? Finally, it is only a matter of time before someone will find traces of forgotten civilization.


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