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Prince Harry: I was on drugs

Prince Harry: I was on drugs

In recent time we have a lot of information about the Royal Family. Now Prince Harry spoke about the worst years of his life, and how he sought solace in various opiates. In the one TV show, the 36-year old prince talked about the trauma he was going through after the death of his mother. We all know that Princess Diana died in a car accident in Paris in 1997.

During his bad period, prince Harry loves to drink, he also takes drugs. Basically, he wants to forget everything. Luckily, he didn’t drink the whole week. But on the Friday evening to Saturday night, he drinks enough for the whole week. Most people drink for pleasure, but this wasn’t the case with Prince Harry. Luckily, Meghan helps him a lot, specifically in the time when the memories of his mother return to him.

The fact that he lived in an environment where you can’t show how you are feeling, didn’t help him at all. Basically, whenever he put on a suit, tie he had to play his part. Not to mention that his life from 28th to 32nd year was a complete nightmare. In one period he also went to therapy, to make his everyday life easier. If you ask him: How are you. He will never say that he is sad. His answer was always good. Not to mention that he had a panic attack whenever he was in the car or when he saw the camera.

Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey launched together a short documentary series The Me You Can’t See. In this show, you can see many stories of celebrities, including Lady Gaga, Glenn Close, and even Oprah herself.


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