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The Mirrors – How Are They Made?

The Mirrors – How Are They Made?

The Mirrors are something we can’t imagine our lives without. We look at them every single day and you can’t imagine a bathroom without one. Mirrors aren’t just something that helps us to see how we look but they are also used to make smaller spaces larger.

Can you imagine an elevator without a mirror? Even people without claustrophobia would feel uncomfortable. But did you ever wonder how they are made?

History of The Mirrors

Earliest form of mirrors were made from curved and highly polished metal. It was usually brass or bronze and it was even mentioned in The Bible. Venicians revolutionized the method by adding a glass in front of the metallic background, around 14th century.

Later, they even perfected this technique using the amalgam of tin and mercury. In 1835, a German chemist invented the silver-back mirror that we know and use today.

How Are They Made?

They start as a clear glass. Then, they are washed with water and cerium oxide under pressure. Rotating brushes will then scrub every glass panel to remove all contaminants. After that, it’s cleaned by hot demineralized water.

Minerals in tap water could cause damage to metals that are applied to the glass so the water needs to be completely purified. On the back of the mirror, machines will apply liquyfied tin. It does nothing else but prepare the surface for silver, as silver won’t directly stick to the glass.

Silver is actually the key ingredient in making of The Mirrors. The silver lining gives the reflection we need. However, if it was just left like that, silver would scrape and damage easily. For that reason, a thin layer of copper is sprayed on top to protect the silver. After that, the back is painted two times to secure a maximum preservation.



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