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TV series Lost in Space – Is it good as the original

TV series Lost in Space – Is it good as the original

TV series Lost in Space is a remake of the 1965 sci-fi series by Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama. The production is under Applebox Entertainment, Legendary Television. As well as Clickety-Clack Productions. The first season starts in 2018, the second season a year later. In addition the third and final season in 2021.

The original drama series by Netflix follows colonization in space. Furthermore inhabiting the universe is finally a reality. Robinson as the chosen family needs to organize a new life on a new planet. However, when the new colonists suddenly move on their way to a new home, they have to create new alliances. Therefore, they must work together to survive in a dangerous alien environment.

Lost in Space – The Story

Before the Robinson family reaches its final destination, an alien robot pierces the trumpet of the spacecraft. Furthermore, everyone must leave the mothership in short-range aircraft. Among the many colonists is a famous family. In the end, Jupiter’s spacecraft land on a nearby planet. After landing, the Robinsons fight their own demons and look for a way to the Resolute spacecraft.

Along with Robinson are two outsiders. One of them is Dr. Smith, the main manipulator. As well as Don West who did not want to join the colony. As the season progress, the Robinson family fights much more danger. Therefore, they must work with Dr. Smith and Don West to return to the ship and join the other colonists. However, along the way, they will become aware that nothing is as it seems. But the family will do whatever it takes to protect each other. Survival, however, is their greatest specialty.

TV series Lost in Space Fun Facts

The series shares themed music from the film and the original series. Even though is a popular theme, it is only used in the third season. Both songs are John Williams’s work. The author of Star Wars theme. Brian Steele who plays the robot is 7 inches and 6 feet tall. In the first season, the planet is borrowed from the original series. In other words a planet with an elliptical orbit that makes it icy and hot at times. Some scenes were filmed during a forest fire near Kamloops in 2017.

The series eventually received good reviews from audiences as well as critics. In conclusion, they combined the quality of the original with the modern way of shooting. While the story isn’t original, that doesn’t mean it’s not good. An acting team led by Toby Stephens, Molly Parker did a great job.


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