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A new trend – tonic coffee

A new trend – tonic coffee

As the name suggests, the drink contains coffee and a tonic. In recent times, we can see many new trends on an everyday basis. One of the latest recipes which appeared recently on Instagram it’s tonic coffee. A new popular drink is a blend made from the tonic, coffee, and ice. But you can spice it up by adding squeezed juice of lemon, grapefruit, gin, or honey.

Here are the ingredients for this unusual tonic coffee:

170 ml of tonic
60 ml of chilled black coffee
A few ice cubes


First, add the tonic to the glass and fill the glass to the top with the ice cubes. Then slowly pour the coffee over the ice and tonic.

You can add some of these ingredients to spice up the taste:
Squeezed lime juice
Squeezed grapefruit
3 tablespoons freshly squeezed orange juice
A teaspoon of cinnamon Teaspoon of honey
A teaspoon of maple syrup
30 ml of gin or,
30ml whiskey

Be sure to use a slightly larger glass and follow the order. Don’t add coffee in the tonic before you put ice or don’t add the coffee and then everything else because you will get more foam than drinks. It’s clear why this drink becomes so popular. Simple ingredients, quick preparation and you can add many different ingredients inside. This is a drink that can be prepared in a short time in the coffee bars, but also you can adapt this drink to anyone.

This cold brew method of preparation is very fast. Because you can always have cold coffee on the side. In case that you want to make this drink for your friends at home, you can without any problem. Because you will not need expensive equipment to make this delicious treat.


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