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Awkward moments from the Oscar Ceremony

Awkward moments from the Oscar Ceremony

Once again we could enjoy the prestigious Oscar Ceremony. Everyone from the movie industry is dreaming about winning Oscar one day. But we can see many examples where someone won this award but didn’t have prepared a speech.

At this list, we can see Angelina Jolie. A long time ago she won Oscar for the best supporting role in the movie Girl, Interrupted. At that moment, at the Oscar ceremony, we can see her brother James. She is very close to him. But, at one moment she said that she is truly happy because of winning this award and she said that she is in love with his brother.

In 1985. Sally Field won Oscar for the role in the movie Places in the Heart. After she won this award, she said “ You love me, you really love me”. Just before five years, she won the same award in the same category. Many people think that she is the worst speaker but to her all that was very funny. It looks like she likes to repeat this sentence because she said it in one commercial.

And Sean Penn had a bad joke at the Oscars. When he won the award for the lead role in the movie Mystical River. At that moment he joked about the missing Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. The audience just fell silent.

and more awkward moment at the Oscar Ceremony…

Matthew McConaughey won an Oscar in 2014 for the best leading role in the movie Dallas Buyers Club. At the beginning of the speech, he thanked God, and then he talked about the hero. But in the end, everyone realized that he talked about himself.

Musician Sam Smith won Oscar in the category for the best original song Writing’s on the Wall from the movie Spectre. But he had a mistake in his speech. He decides to dedicate this award to the LGBT community because he thinks that no one from this community didn’t win Oscar. But that wasn’t true.

Actress Anne Hathaway won a statuette in 2012 for a best supporting role in the musical Les Misérables. In her speech, she talked about losing weight and pointed out that she cried while she watched the musical. At the time, the public accused her of rehearsing her speech too much and giving the impression of insincerity.

Roberto Benigni won an Oscar in 1999 for the best leading role in the movie Life Is Beautiful. From his speech, we can conclude that he doesn’t know English very well.


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