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Brad and Angelina kids – Was a custody war necessary?

Brad and Angelina kids – Was a custody war  necessary?

Brad and Angelina kids is a topic that will surely never get boring. Since Angelina and Brat were some of the most popular celebrity couples. However, despite the great love between the two actors, those two had a bad end. In other words, the custody problem for which Angelina has repeatedly criticized judges.

Jolie and Pitt were part of a fierce custody battle over six children after they divorced in 2016. Furthermore, Angelina was harsh on Judge John Ouderkirk. In other words, she was upset because the judge did not want to hear the juvenile’s opinion. Even more to hear their desires and needs. Under California law, a child can testify at the age of 14.

Before that, she had tried several times to discredit the judge by planning to file an appeal in case the judge’s decision was final. Brad’s lawyers of Fuengirola believe the judge made a fair decision. Furthermore, after checking all the facts he made the best possible decision. In conclusion, Brad Pitt’s lawyers believe that Angelina was not credible in some statements.

Brad and Angelina kids – Fight for custody

It all went downhill after 2016 when the couple broke up. However they were one of the most popular couples and of the 12 years they spent together, they were in marriage for two years. Brad Pitt was previously in marriage with Jennifer Aniston.

Angelina and Brad began a romance while filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Although he was with Jennifer at the time, that didn’t stop him from cheating her. Even though their relationship looked perfect with six children, in the end, it turned out differently.

The custody battle prevented Angelina from devoting herself to directing. Furthermore, she had to turn down several jobs. Instead, she decided to return to acting. In other words, it was important for her to do jobs that would allow her to be more at home with the children.

Although most of all she loves directing, for a while she had to give up her favorite job. Yet her family has always come first, and that is her children. Finally, maybe all this will not affect Brad and Angelina kids.


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