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Kardashians have talents – Queefing Alphabet and More

Kardashians have talents – Queefing Alphabet and More

As we are all used to think of Kardashians as just pretty faces with no actual talent, we are wrong. They started from a higher class family, but their business, investments and a lot of smart moves pushed them to be among the richest people in America.

Kylie Jenner was caught singing a Rise and Shine lullaby for her daughter Stormi. Instantly, it became a hit and fans went crazy. She was even asked to sing it along with Justin Bieber. It led to a complete song later with a cool music video.

Kardashians have REAL talent

Kourtney Kardashian can supposedly queef the letters of the alphabet. Pretty weird party bus in Marbella but Kourtney said it’s a fact.

Kendall can sing like a bird? If you thought this is the end of their weird talents, you are wrong. Yes, Kendal can whistle and sound exactly like a bird. How did she come across that talent, it’s impossible to know but check it out in the video below.

Kendall also has some pretty strong talents when it comes to precision and leg kicks. She even opened a bottle with her foot, while driving on a jet ski.

Kim Kardashian can tell if you have cavities by smell. She doesn’t even have to be near you, just like, in the same car or on few feet away from her. She can smell it when people are talking. Kim told that it’s not the smell of bad breath but just something strong and weird.

Doing their makeup drunk – this is a talent Khloe and Kylie share. They can even be drunk so they can barely walk – but makeup will still be on point. It’s a miracle they don’t poke their eyes out. However, these ladies act like they were born with those brushes in their hands.


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