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Britney Was Cloned?

Britney Was Cloned?

The real-life of celebrities is always surrounded by mystery and this is a fertile ground for conspiracy theories. One of the most famous is the one about the death of rapper Tupac. However, several others are even more bizarre. Britney is cloned, and Avril Lavigne is dead?

Taylor Swift is a Satanist?

Some fans claim that Taylor Swift has an incredible resemblance to Zeena LaVey. She is a well-known member of the Satanist quasi-religious movement. Taylor was born in 1989 and LaVey in 1953. But Taylor bears an incredible resemblance to her. Fans claim that Taylor is actually her clone.

LaVey’s father was the founder of the Satanist church, and Zeena was a high priestess of the same church from 1985 to 1990. That’s precisely what fans suspect because Taylor was born in 1989, and her album is called 1989. Zeena created several clones, to conquer more territories, and in one interview she added that after entering the priesthood she entered the world of music.

Stevie Wonder is not blind?

The whole world easily recognizes Stevie Wonder. He is an amazing musician and he is blind. But rumors began circulating on the Internet that the singer could actually see. Proponents of the theory claim that many anecdotes have been heard about Wonder being able to do things that only visually impaired people can do. For example, he once stated that he wants to be a photographer, and he also likes to go to basketball games.

However, it is quite normal that a man likes to follow matches because he can hear and understand what is happening, and he said that he would like to be a photographer simply to feel that experience. Some even go so far that it’s not clear to them how Wonder once picked up a microphone from the floor. But the explanation is simple: he heard where the microphone fell and is navigating normally in space.

Avril Lavigne died 10 years ago

The famous singer Avril Lavigne is increasingly mentioned in the context of a great conspiracy. Namely, there is a growing number of those who believe that the famous singer has been dead for years. Now we can see her double on the scene. According to theory, Avril passed away in 2002 after releasing her debut album. Since then we can see in the public Melissa Vandell.

Proponents of this theory claim that the first noticeable difference is how Avril looks, how she behaves, but also how her second album in 2004 was completely different from the first album. Also, they claim that her face is different, she has a stronger jaw than she had before and her eyes are different.

Katy Perry is a murdered girl whose death is never explained

One YouTuber launched a conspiracy theory. Namely, he claims that the famous singer Katy Perry is actually the murdered girl JonBenet Ramsey. Ramsey was killed when she was six-years-old in 1996. And they never solved her murder. But YouTuber Snopes claims that her death was faked and that she grew up in secret in order to eventually grow into a star – Katy Perry. However, the theory makes no sense because the girl’s body was found in 1997.

Britney Was Cloned?

The Illuminati killed the real Eminem

In the early 2000s, Eminem was the biggest rapper star in the world. But after the album ‘Encore’ he took a five-year break before releasing the album ‘Relapse.’ He attributed the break to drug recovery and mental health. But conspiracy theory holds that the Illuminati tried to bring Eminem in their lines, but he refused. They killed him in a car accident and then fabricated a new Eminem, his double. This is the main reason why his songs are not the same anymore, nor his voice.

Britney Was Cloned?

Britney Spears is a clone

Some people believe that Britney Spears is a clone. Namely, according to the theory, shortly after the famous album “Baby One More Time”, Britney and Justin Timberlake had a car accident. Justin reportedly suffered burns, and Britney did not survive. The theory is that the company that represented her could not afford such a loss, so they cloned Britney. However, the gossip that they had an accident was false, and the DJs who designed it were fired.

Britney Was Cloned?


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