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Can You Imagine a Teaspoon of Warm Mayonnaise in Your Drink?

Can You Imagine a Teaspoon of Warm Mayonnaise in Your Drink?

Can you imagine a teaspoon of warm mayonnaise in your drink? The British people can. And Germans like to add everything to their beer, including banana juice. Thick apricot juice with whipped cream is just one of the crazy combinations. And now let’s see what combinations the rest of the world drinks.

Drink Smoker’s Cough

Nomen est omen, at least in the case of smoking cough, a British mixture of Jägermeister and mayonnaise. Until someone convinces us otherwise, this combination doesn’t sound so nice. If you want to ruin your day, mix 50 ml of Jägermeister with a teaspoon of warm mayonnaise, close your eyes and drink a glass.


Do you know what diesel is? Alcoholic “fuel” where Germans mix beer with cola.

Cucumbers and whiskey

In America, it is quite common to drink a glass of pickle water immediately after whiskey. This combination is called pickleback and reportedly helps against hangovers.

Beer with fruit or Sprite?

This is another specific combination that is very popular in Germany. Altbierbowle is a beer cocktail with fruit syrup and pieces of fruit on a fork. You don’t have fruit at home? No problem, you can add Sprite in your favorite lager and you’ll get a home-made Radler. We must not forget bananenweizen – beer with banana juice.

Drink Monaco

The French, on the other hand, add lemonade and a few drops of red grenadine syrup to their beer. The result is Monaco, a pink drink.

Drink Yogurt and vodka

If beer and juice sound disturbing to you, a Dutch specialty might confuse you even more. Who’s for vodka with strawberry fruit yogurt? Creamy and full of calcium!


Behind the name, Fernando or Fernandito hides a bitter herbal liqueur with cola. This drink is one of the favorite in Argentina because of its smell and taste.


In Spain, we have a drink which is a combination of red wine and coke. It’s called Kalimotxo. This drink became popular back in the seventies. If you are interested in drinking this drink and going to the most rural Spain you can make your reservation at AgroturismoEspaña.com.

Italian liqueur on the Swedish way

Sprite and limoncello, an Italian lemon liqueur, is very popular in Sweden during the summer. Add a few mint leaves or thyme and you will get a refreshing cocktail.

Drink Whiskey and tea

A combination of whiskey and green tea? In China, this combination is very popular.


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