Home Celebrities Did Melinda divorce Bill Gates because of Epstein?

Did Melinda divorce Bill Gates because of Epstein?

Did Melinda divorce Bill Gates because of Epstein?

There are numerous conspiracies about why Melinda divorced Bill Gates. Reportedly, Melinda had divorce papers prepared for two years, before finally filing. However, the time of divorce very close to the time Bill’s pictures in Epstein’s company came out.

For now, the two didn’t say much about their divorce. Bill stated that they are divorcing as they believe they can’t grow together as a couple in this phase of their lives. Reportedly, for Melinda, the biggest concern was Bill’s dealings with Jeffrey Epstein.

Melinda and Bill Gates Divorce

Melinda is one of the biggest global advocates for women and girls. Naturally, her husband doing business with a convicted sex offender didn’t sit well. Reportedly, she also warned Bill many times about Epstein.

From the moment that Melinda saw the picture where Bill Gates is in the company of Epstein, she started gathering papers for divorce. It was also published that Bill met Epstein not once but – on numerous occasions.

Their marriage is definitely over so the time for diving the fortunes has come. It seems that they both agreed on a separate contract and their $130 billion fortune will be fairly divided. Dirty secrets of Bill Gates keep coming up so Melinda asking for a divorce isn’t so surprising anymore.

Aside from meetings with Epstein, he was also having an affair with his employee. It seems like she was able to close her eyes on many things – but meeting Epstein was the drop that spilt the glass. Bill was also spending long weekends on beaches with his former girlfriend.

In the 2000s, Bill initiated an intimate relationship with one of his employees. However, she reported him and Microsoft issued an investigation. However, at that time Bill left his position which made the investigation impossible. Reportedly, he left the position because he wanted to focus on his other business.


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