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Why Dogs Love Squeaky Toys?

Why Dogs Love Squeaky Toys?

Dogs Love Squeaky toys and that’s nothing new. However, did you ever wonder why is that? Why do they like that squeaky sound so much? There are so many choices between toys, there are those with tiny bells or different sounds. Despite that, your dog might prefer a squeaky chicken or ball. Why is that? Well, the answer might shock you.

Dogs Love Squeaky because of their instinct

It can all be traced back to their wolf ancestry. Similar to the wolves choosing their prey, dogs prefer toys that make noise, smell like something edible or that can be torn apart. The squeaky noise might be annoying to us but to our pets, it resembles the sound of the injured or scared animal.

However brutal that might sound, that activates their hunting instinct, which we see as ‘playing’. Dogs usually won’t stop playing with their toy until they break it. In their head, it means ‘killing a prey’.

While your dog might be happy with just a regular toy, squeaky toys can actually be beneficial to your pup. The dog will get instant feedback from the bite, telling that the bite is strong and effective.

That will motivate their progress and stimulate them to continue playing. We recommend you this toys for dogs when you go to an hotel that allows pets. Your dog might not know why is he/she doing it but will definitely be happy about it. Squeaky toys are best to improve your pet’s tooth and gum health.

It clears the plaque buildup and keeps your doggo’s teeth from falling out. If you want what’s best for your pup, then squeaky toy it is!

Potential dangers

While the fact that dogs love squeaky toys will be enough for owners to buy them, there are few things to remember. If your dog has a tendency to swallow toy parts after tearing it down, try buying a toy that is not so easy to tear.

Smaller toys can also be a problem as they can swallow them whole and choke. You know your pet the best, so you know what kind of toy will be proper form him/her.


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