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How Megxit made Meghan and Harry Rich

How Megxit made Meghan and Harry Rich

Megxit is probably the biggest and most scandalous story regarding the Royal Family. When Buckingham’s Palace announced that they reached a deal regarding their exit, the world went crazy. Queen was very graceful and made logical decisions like always.

After the announcement, many wondered how will they support themselves financially. As they were renouncing their royal status, there were many things they were giving up with it. With that, they also had to repay the costs of renovating their U.K. base, the Frogmore Cottage.

Working to become financially independent after Megxit

It wasn’t so hard for them to do such a thing as both are well-educated people with high social status. That’s something Meghan knows how to take advantage of. They are famous on almost all social media platforms which will help them to build a personal brand in no time.

Harry received a huge fortune coming from three famous women. One of them is Princess Diana, his mother who became a global superstar. The other is Queen Elizabeth II, who steered royals in 20th and 21st century and the last is his wife. Meghan was already a self-made millionaire before she met Prince Harry.

Netflix is already interested in working with a famous couple. There are many more large companies that would love to work with them. Being in the eye of the media has its advantages after all.

While both Meghan (39) and Harry (35) already have a hefty amount of money along with real estates and other possessions, it won’t be a problem to continue their lifestyle. The most logical move for the couple is to stay in Canada, as the tax law is much more budget-friendly than in America. If they were to move to L.A. or let’s say, New York, they would face the capital gains tax for homes which increased in value.


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