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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck caught kissing

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck caught kissing

And it’s official Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back together. Finally, the couple was caught on camera at the moment when they were kissing. This was the first time that someone pictures them after they get back together.

According to some information, at this place was Jennifer’s family, because her sister Linda celebrated her 50 birthday. But Lopez and Ben had their eyes just for each other. The couple hugged, kissed, and exchanged tenderness at the table during dinner. With them, we can see Jenifer’s children from the marriage with Marc Anthony. The 13-year-olds Max and Emma.

During the diner, the twins showed something to Ben and Jennifer on their smartphones. It’s no surprise that Affleck is reuniting with the extended Lopez family since it has been announced that Jennifer has her mother’s approval.

Lopez and Ben were engaged back in 2002. First time when we can hear the rumors that they are back together was in April. Their romance began just weeks after J.Lo’s breakup with fiancé Alex Rodriguez. Since then, they are trying to spend as much as possible time together. In May, they traveled to the ultra-exclusive Yellowstone Club in Montana, and they recently rented a luxury apartment in South Beach (Miami).

According to some information, Lopez is planning to move to Los Angeles to be closer to Affleck. Will they finally have a happy ending, we can only wait to see. But in the meantime, we can say that many fans of them are very happy because they are back together.


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