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Super-sized Screens are the Future of Car Tech

Super-sized Screens are the Future of Car Tech

Super-sized Screens in cars are a growing trend, which could change the dashboard in our vehicles forever. With strict traffic regulations and speeding ticket costs skyrocketing, consumers have turned away from powerful engines. Instead, they focused on other features like comfort and practicality.

Why Super-sized Screens?

Super-sized Screens are something that customers frequently requested, so naturally, engineers took this matter into their own hands. Of course, everything started with luxury cars and specific requests from customers.

This idea isn’t new as we’ve all seen a Toyota Prius, Land Rover Velar, Lexus RX, Tesla and Porsche introducing bigger and bigger screens. However, Mercedes Benz has just revealed that they put this idea into practice and introduced a 56-inch-long screen.

Besides the glamorous look it gives, this ‘hyperscreen’ has a unique infotainment system. Mercedes introduced a three-screen technology, which includes even a screen for the passenger. Equipped with artificial intelligence, this system will quickly learn the habits of a driver and adapt.

A bigger screen also means that users can reach all commands without scrolling through menus or using voice command. Instead, everything important will be available on the screen in the driver’s field of vision.

Artificial intelligence plays a significant role here, in memorizing the user’s habits and needs. For example, if a driver calls one number regularly at a particular time, the system will suggest calling that person. In case a user raises the car using the air suspension at a certain location like before a speed bump or a driveway, the system will learn the behaviour and do that for the driver.

The clarity of the screen saves lives

Automakers claim that if this technology is adapted properly, it would definitely enhance safety on the roads. By providing more useful information, such as light is about to turn red, alerts of accidents and road conditions, drivers would be in better control over the situation.

A bigger screen would allow a driver to browse in options much quicker and it would be a much lesser distraction in driving.

However, they also thought of a way to discourage drivers from scrolling and searching for songs or similar. These features will be blocked while driving but they will be available through voice command.


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