Home Fun Leo will make jokes, and the Scorpio is the king of black humor!

Leo will make jokes, and the Scorpio is the king of black humor!

Leo will make jokes, and the Scorpio is the king of black humor!

We all know that everyone is funny in its own way. And the same thing is with horoscope signs. Of course, we have signs who are always ready for humor on the other but also on their own account.


He is the first and one of the most funnies horoscope signs. Always ready for a joke, they always have inspiration on how to fix someone’s mood. Sometimes they can exaggerate in that. He likes jokes at his own expense but doesn’t touch his manhood, because he is vulnerable there. He will try to hide it, but the truth will be seen on his face.


Taurus is one benevolent sign, who loves everything that is beautiful, delicious to eat. Of course, they love fun and humor too. He laughs sincerely, there are no bad intentions behind his jokes. It’s all just for laughter, relaxation, and enjoyment.


Gemini has a cheerful spirit and it’s a communicative sign. As a matter of fact, this sign will always make jokes at his own expense. He likes to listen and comment on all his funny stories. By his nature, he is an eternal boy, simply looking for something funny even in a trouble.


Cancer is a sensitive sign. He like jokes but in a specific way, with a measure. However, everything depends on his mood. Don’t touch his mother and family, this is his and only he has a right to that.


He is king, he can do anything, but his ego can’t. We need to mention that he has a natural talent for success and achieving high goals is not a joke. Only they can criticize leading people in the state. After all, only they can understand them because they know what success is.


Right away you will think that they don’t know for a joke. Many of you will think that Virgo is boring. But is not like that. This is one intellectual sign who needs time and certain subjects for jokes and laughs. At work, they are very funny, because there they are in their field.


Refined Libra is very witty, believe it or not. She even likes the jokes at her own expense. But those yokes can’t be without a style. Everything except love is perfect for a joke. Love is too serious and important for Libra. Moderation above all.


Black humor, jokes, and swearing are the main characteristic of this sign. But it suits them, it doesn’t seem distasteful, because they know the dark side of everything that exists. For that reason, they are always ready to make a joke.


They are cheerful, optimistic spirits, and humor is something they can’t live without. Their wit is always open, cheerful, turned to optimism.


Capricorn is silent, but when he speaks, good humor is there. Often with cynicism, but behind this, you can find pearls of wit. They just need time to relax.


Aquarius is one of the wittiest horoscope signs. He is characterized by quick humor. He gets angry very quickly and unexpectedly.


Pisces are prone to harmless humor. With a glass of wine, they become imitators outside of each category.


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