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Mark Wahlberg new movie – Oh god why did he choose this role?!

Mark Wahlberg new movie – Oh god why did he choose this role?!

Mark Wahlberg new movie Infinite is a science fiction project by Antoine Fuqua. Although he embarked on the whole project with a lot of faith, he received a lot of criticism. Furthermore, some call it a pale copy of The Matrix. Filming began in September 2019 including several locations. Like The Snow Center, Farnborough Airport, central Cardiff.

As well as Cambodia, New York City, Mexico City. Due to numerous obstacles because of the pandemic, the film immediately went on the digital platform. The film stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mark Wahlberg, Dylan O’Brien. As well as Sophie Cookson, Rupert Friend, Jason Mantzoukas and many others.

Infinite – The story

Evan McCauley reveals his hallucinations are visions from a past life. Furthermore, Evan has skills he was not aware of before. As well as memories of places he has never been. When he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, a secret group is looking for him. Even more, Infinites wants to reveal to him that his memories may be real. But that these are more memories from past lives.

Infinites take him to their world where the gifted have the ability and are reborn with their memories. However, Evan has to work with that group to come up with an answer. It is important to reveal all the secrets as soon as possible to save the world. Evan must act quickly to stop Bathurst 2020. Because he wants to stop whole life, so he can disable reincarnation.

Mark Wahlberg new movie – reviews

Although Mark Wahlberg stars in the film, that did not save it from numerous reviews. What’s wrong with the movie? Or what it is that is why there is so much negative criticism. First of all, one gets the impression that the film is made up of several spare parts from other movies. Furthermore, as if that was not enough. All of these parts in the film are just glued together by numerous stunt moves.

Unfortunately, the director didn’t have a lot of options when he already got the script with a lot of unfinished details. Even more, as if everything was done superficially without going deeper into the issue. One of the problems is the preoccupation with special effects. As well as bad acting, also the poor portrayal of numerous characters.

But, yes there is and but in the whole story. If you are looking for an action movie with a lot of car chases and fights, then this is for you. Although the story is stretched with a lot of illogicalities, you can figure out which direction it is going. In conclusion, this film is not for the cinema, but it’s ok for evening viewing at home.


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