Home Celebrities Eva Longoria: The Years are Just a Number!

Eva Longoria: The Years are Just a Number!

Eva Longoria: The Years are Just a Number!

Eva Longoria often posts photos in bathing suits on Instagram. Thanks to which she gets several compliments on the account of her looks. This time Victoria Beckham also called her. Actress Eva Longoria who is 46 years old has once again proved that her age can’t do her anything. Now she delighted many with a photo in a white bathing suit that she posted on her Instagram. On social media. Many times we can see her toned body on social media.

Now when she posts her last image, even Victoria Beckham said that she looks amazing. The actress trains hard and in recent times she even boosts her practice. And since she gave birth to her son Santiago in 2018 she is shining. This beauty is only 157 centimeters tall, but she has a home gym where she makes various exercises on different devices. But she also takes care of her state of mind, so she meditates and practices yoga. That hard work pays off she proves with every new announcement on social media in the bathing suits.

Longoria usually has no problems with self-confidence. Many times she knows to publish images in her natural edition. Basically, she will go to the store without makeup and she will not have a problem with that. Not to mention that Eva Longoria became famous for her role in the series “Housewives”, and since 2016 she has been married to entrepreneur José Pepe Baston.


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