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Julia Roberts is Connected With your Zodiac Sign

Julia Roberts is Connected With your Zodiac Sign

Julia Roberts is an actress with a long career, and during that period she had some unforgettable and fantastic movies. We can see her in romantic comedies, but also in intense thrillers. For her role as Erin Brockovich in the movie with the same name, she was awarded, Oscar. Her most famous role is for sure one in Pretty Woman.

There are many Julia Roberts movies that we love, and perhaps your favorite Julia movie is just the one that was created for your zodiac sign. Have fun and find out below which Julia Roberts movie perfectly matches your zodiac sign. You may just get the urge to watch it again.

Aries: Sleeping with the enemy

Strong and confident, Aries is passionate and they have enough motivation to show when they have had enough. In the thriller from 1991, Julia is playing a woman who fakes her death. Because she wasn’t brave enough to leave her abusive husband. In the small town, she starts to build her new life and her love life. But her husband manages to find her. Finally, Julia has enough courage to opposes him. In most of the movie, everything is quiet, but in the end, everyone can see how good an actress she is.

Taurus: Notting Hill, Julia Roberts

Taurus is practical, but they like to enjoy small luxuries and travels. In the 1999 romantic comedy, Julia Roberts actually plays herself. the world’s biggest movie star who falls in love with a London bookstore owner played by Hugh Grant. Her character is quite stubborn but still shows that she wants Grant. Her “I’m Just a Girl” speech, shows that, despite all the fame, Roberts wants to love, with whoever it is.

Gemini: Runaway Bride

As a complex sign, Gemini’s are looking for love, but they have a problem showing it. The same is Julia Roberts in the movie from 1999. She is playing a bride, who leaves a couple of grooms in front of the altar. Richard Gere is a reporter who wants to write a story about her last wedding. Of course, in the end, they fall in love. Julia Roberts shows how Gemini’s need to pass a long way until they find true love.

Cancer: Stepmom

Cancer can look like a cold person, but they are actually very caring and emotional. In the 1998 drama, Julia Roberts plays Ed Harris’ new girlfriend who wants to develop a relationship with his two children, but they don’t accept her as the best. Their mother doesn’t accept that situation too. The two women often get into conflicts, but Sarandon soon realizes how much she really cares about the children. In the end, they develop an unusual friendship. The character of Julia Roberts then turns out to be much more sensitive than it seemed.

Leo: Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts

Lions are full of life, and they love luxury, and they are very determined to get what they want. After this movie, Julia Robers become a world superstar. Julia Roberts plays an escort lady hired by Richard Gere to accompany him for the weekend. Scenes in which Vivian tries to fit into high society by shopping in inexpensive stores and enjoying opera are fun. But they also show how her character is still a little afraid to accept a new way of life.

Virgo: Steel Magnolias

Loyal, good, and practical, Virgo’s are patient people who adapt to circumstances. Julia Roberts shows these qualities in a touching movie from 1989 about a group of friends from the southern town. The character of Julia Roberts suffers from health problems, but she is still determined to have a child, and her connection to her mother is wonderful. This role broke everyone’s heart, and Julia received her first Oscar nomination for this role.

Libra: The Pelican Brief

For Libra, justice is more important than anything, so it makes sense to connect this zodiac sign with the 1993 John Grisham thriller. Julia Roberts act’s a law student who writes a paper in which she speculates about the case where two Supreme Court judges were dead. But she becomes the target of the killers. Right away she realizes that she is on the good trait. For most of the movie Roberts is in fear for her own life. But still, she is determined to find the truth and killers. Julia Roberts wants justice, just like Libra.

Scorpio: My best friend’s wedding

Scorpios can be quite stubborn and vicious, and they are known for their outbursts of jealousy. That’s why this comedy from 1997 is just right for them. Julia Roberts plays a woman who is unpleasantly surprised by the news that her longtime friend is getting married. Roberts decides to do everything to stop the wedding and win him for himself. She was in a fight with a bride (Cameron Diaz). Roberts shows selfishness in this role, but in the end, he still does the right thing. Scorpions can accept people who were not dear to them at first.

Sagittarius: Eat, Pray, Love

This horoscope sign is a big fan of traveling and staying in nature. That’s why there is no better choice than an adaptation of a book in which Julia Roberts decides to make a big life change. After her divorce, she goes on a world trip to meet herself again. The charming story takes her to exotic locations in Italy and India. She has a huge longing for life, which describes Sagittarius very well.

Capricorn: Mirror, Mirror

Capricorns often know how to be focused on status and a selfish desire to thrive at all costs. Julia Roberts doesn’t often play pure villains, but she made an exception for adapting the Snow White story. He plays an evil queen obsessed with her own beauty who does nothing to retain her power. This is a different role from the usual Julia Roberts. But this role shows the ego of this zodiac sign. In their constant desire for a prestigious life, they can also be ruthless.

Aquarius: Erin Brockovich, Julia Roberts

Temperamental and uncompromising at one moment, a passionate advocate of the right at another moment. In this phenomenal film based on a true story, Julia Roberts was a single mother who managed to file an indictment against a corporation that poisoned the residents of a small American town. Her passion to find out the truth, accept the challenge and fight for the rights of the injured deserves admiration. Julia won an Oscar for this role, which proves that Aquarius can be a champion for others.


Pisces: Mona Lisa Smile

Pisces is known as well-read individuals, they can be very imaginative and impressive. In this drama which is set in the 1950s, Julia Roberts plays a new female college professor. She encourages her students to want more in life. At the same time, she is very convincing with opening vistas to her students through art. She doesn’t want to be hindered by the social norms of the time. Such a view of life also characterizes Pisces.


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