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Richest Families who Secretly Run The World

Richest Families who Secretly Run The World

These Richest Families are secretly running the world we live in. It’s something we may not know about or think often. However, they are more powerful and rich than the 99% of the general population on Earth. Can you imagine?

Walton Family

This family’s net worth is estimated to $215 billion. They invested in a lot of shares in huge companies like Walmart. Thanks to their share in Walmart, their estimated income is about $4 million per hour.

Mars Family

Snickers, Twix, Mars bars and other candy from that branch are owned by this super-rich family. Their wealth is estimated to be around $120 billion. Today, the company expanded to Whiskas, M&Ms, Orbit, Royal Canin, Pedigree and other popular brands we frequently buy.

Ambani Family

Ambani Family is probably known for their ridiculously expensive $2 billion home, which holds the record for a most expensive house. Their estimated net worth is $81.3 billion and they are the richest people in Asia.

Wertheimer Family

The heart of the Wertheimer fortune is the brand Coco Chanel from which they built a $54.4 billion kingdom. After Coco passed away, Wertheimer grandsons took over by buying the most shares.

Richest Families – Hermes

Their $63.9 billion fortune is thanks to the fashion industry. They invested in the production of handbags, scarves and similar items. They are living in one of the best locations on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain.

Albrecht Family

This family is worth $41 billion and all is made on the Aldi brand. However, the family keeps falling apart so they parted into two Aldi’s. They also keep suing each other over money.

Richest Families – Thomson

They are dealers in financial data and services, which brought them the $46 billion industry. This family owns 90% of all media across Canada and America.

Boehringer/Von Baumbach Family

They are the biggest drug manufacturers in the world and provide over 70% of all medications. However, they stay out of sight for most of the time just like the Albrecht family. They never grant interviews and hold everything regarding the company very privately so their estimated net worth is unknown.

Johnson Family

They are also staying in the shadows about everything. However, they can’t go undetected as they hold over $46.3 billion. The company was taken over by Abigail Johnson, who was working in the company even before she graduated business at Harvard University. She is one of the most powerful executives in the finance world.

House of Saud

This monarchy controls over 50% of the world’s oil reserves. Besides oil, the family earns the money by doing business with the government.

Richest Families – Koch

Koch family is one of the richest families with an estimate of $110 billion in annual revenue. Their success is largely made from the refinery industry but today, they’ve spread their business.


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