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The Wrong Turn movie – Be careful not to get killed

The Wrong Turn movie – Be careful not to get killed

The Wrong Turn movie is a horror from 2021 by Mike P. Nelson. In other words, it is a reboot of Wrong Turn movies. The film stars Matthew Modine, Bill Sage, Daisy Head. As well as Dylan McTee, Emma Dumont, Charlotte Vega.

Preparations have been going on since 2018, while the premiere was in early 2021. Even though there are negative reviews, Mike P. Nelson believes in his project. On the one hand, the movie is an improvement over the original. However, the criticism is due to poor demonstration of characters. In conclusion, each viewer will decide for himself whether the film is good.

Wrong Turn 2021

A few friends travel to a small town in Virginia. Furthermore, locals warn not to move off the marked trail. However, a few hours later Gary dies after crushing the trunk. Other friends set up camp in fear. But the next morning they discover there is no Milla, as well as their cell phones.

While looking for Milla Adam is found by a group of people with a moose skull. However, a little later Milla finds the way to her friends. Although later she falls into a pit and stabs herself on tree branches. Eventually, all the survivors finished with kidnappers. Luis, Darius, Adam, and Jen were all that was left from thr group.

In conclusion, everyone ends up on a dark foundation. Jen and Darius survive. Jen reluctantly seduces Chief Venable. In time, her father Scott Shaw founds her. Jen though pregnant eventually kills Venable.

The Wrong Turn movie Fun Facts

The first film was shot in the USA, the first, second, and fourth part in Canada. On the other hand, the third, fifth, and sixth sequel in Bulgaria. Even though it is the seventh sequel, it is a reboot. Daisy-Head is the daughter of Anthony Head, an actor from Wrong Turn 2003. In Australia, it is Wrong Turn – The Foundation.

Ruby Modine, daughter of Matthew Modine performs This Is Your Land. Also, this you can hear during the check-out rush hour. This film doesn’t have a connection with any direct-to-video sequels of the original project. Alan B. McElroy also wrote the screenplay for the 2003 version.


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