Home Tech&Game New Generation of Consoles Will be Fantastic, Returnal Proves It

New Generation of Consoles Will be Fantastic, Returnal Proves It

New Generation of Consoles Will be Fantastic, Returnal Proves It

Some of you may disagree with this statement, but the new generation of Sony consoles has the best opening since the time of the fifth or at least sixth generation. Sony has really done its best to give customers a top start with the new console. But players are impatient and spoiled and of course, they want an unstoppable wave of new AAA exclusive titles monthly. Unfortunately, we will still have to wait for the series of titles. Returnal is one of those titles.

The game we’ve been waiting for since Sony announced the new console

This was one of the most waited titles. The plot follows an astronaut whose spacecraft crashes on a mysterious planet where she soon learns that the rules of existence and the passage of time no longer apply.

Returnal is here to show you what your console can do

Returnal didn’t seem like a game that would be very interesting. But the fifth is a special story because each exclusive is a new reason to get to know all the new features of the console, headphones, and DualSense controller. Now. Once we’ve covered all those technical aspects, let’s get down to the game itself. In short and clear, this is a wonderful title. Returnal manages to draw you in with a story, in the best possible way.

Don’t expect someone to cuddle “space cobras,” but don’t be surprised if you feel a strong deja vu when landscapes full of terrifying and mysterious alien structures stretch out in front of you. The main heroine Selena and her difficult-to-explain situation on an alien planet manage to draw you into a story.

What they could have tried harder to explain was the game mechanics. In a very short time, you will be overwhelmed with a lot of information and different ways of playing. It will not be an easy job because you discovered a lot of things, which you should use in a short time.

This is a game for the persistent. This is not a classic linear map walk, but a frustrating shooter for players who have no problem learning and honing several skills. Even if this game is technically new, Returnal is an old-school video game. This is a game in which you need to be persistent, and you will need to have a lot of skill because this is the only thing that is valued.


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