Home Celebrities Prince Charles didn’t just propose Diana and Camilla?

Prince Charles didn’t just propose Diana and Camilla?

Prince Charles didn’t just propose Diana and Camilla?

In the documentary movie The Royal House of Windsor, it was revealed that before Princess Diana there was another important woman in the life of Prince Charles. Charles’ great-great-grandfather Lord Mountbatten tried to arrange for him to marry his grandson Amanda Knatchbull. Even if she is his further cousin, and she is nine years younger than him. But at that time she was the ideal candidate for Charles’s wife.

For many years Mountbatten tried to push Amanda into the place of the future queen. But he wasn’t successful in that intention.

Back in 1977, Charles took Amanda on a Caribbean cruise, and many people believe that he proposes to her at that moment. Charles asked her if she wanted to be his wife, but her answer was negative. One thing is clear, they spent a lot of time together, and everyone believes that they become too close. But in the end, they were like brothers and sisters.

Right after that Charles met Diana Spencer. With her, he married in 1981, and after their divorce, he married Camilla. With her, he is still in the marriage. Amanda Knatchbull married in 1987 to Charles Vincent Ellingworth. With this man, she had three children, and today she is known as Lady Ellingworth. Prince Charles and Amanda are still in a good relationship.


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