Home Celebrities Prince William of Cambridge – He’s maybe not so perfect after all

Prince William of Cambridge – He’s maybe not so perfect after all

Prince William of Cambridge – He’s maybe not so perfect after all

Prince William of Cambridge always attracts attention. Even more, as the years go by the public interest remains. However, after his birth, he began to attract public caution as the second in line for the throne. He later won the hearts of many as a young man mourning the death of his mother. Although many know a lot about him, he’s trying to protect one part of his life.

From the nickname, his mother gave him to the shocking life in college… Prince William will always be a topic of conversation. But how well do you know him? Is he such a philanthropist or does he have a stain on his life? In conclusion is he like the others, just a man with flaws and advantages?

Prince William of Cambridge was born in a hospital

Even though Harry was always been a rebel, William was the first to go against the protocol. In 1982, Princess Diana gave birth to William in the hospital. However, at the time it was customary for family members to be born at home. For example, Queen Elizabeth II was born in 1926 at the castle. But Princess Anne briefly broke with tradition. She gave birth to her first child in St. Mary’s Hospital.

Severe head injury in childhood

When he was 9, he was hit by a flying object. Furthermore, during his stay on the golf course, he received a blow after which he had to undergo surgery. Although the scar remained Wiliam is not sad. He said the scar reminds him of Harry Potter.

Prince William of Cambridge as a teenager met Cindy Crawford

Many years before he met Kate Middleton Harry had met Cindy Crawford. Also, he was 13 when he met Cindy. Princess Diana invited Crawford to the palace. Even though William was fascinated by this model, Cindy admits she was nervous.

He wanted to be a cop

Though he always knew what awaits him in the future, he had a second wish. In other words, his wish was to be a policeman. Furthermore, in this way, he could take care of his family, and most of all his mother.

What is the relationship between William and Harry?

There has been a problem between the two brothers for a long time. Furthermore, some speculate that this has been going on since the time they were children. William always had a different status as the future heir to the throne. Every bitterness Harry felt disappeared after he became a military officer in 2005.

William and Kate – is their relationship a fairy tale or something else

Although the two of them mostly have an honest marriage, this was not the case while they were in a relationship. Furthermore, reportedly William was with Anna Sloan. In the time was still in realtionship with Kate. During their studies, the two of them broken up twice. But everything changed a few months later. When many saw them together at a party.

However it is not his behavior in college that is in question, but what followed later. There were several rumors William cheated on Kate with Rose Hanbury, a family friend. In other words, the two reportedly had dinner together while Kate was away. The latest development of the story suggests this is not the only affair. Although nothing has ever been confirmed, many speculate how similar William is to his father.


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