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Channing Tatum Speaks about Fear of Raising a Daughter

Channing Tatum Speaks about Fear of Raising a Daughter

Channing Tatum is completely into his role of raising a little girl and he’s not hiding it. He is very proud and happy. He is hiding his problems very well – but he finally decided to speak about them in an interview for the media.

Channing made a book for kids which was inspired by his daughter Everly so we can say that she is a good influence on him. Besides that, he admitted that he was really scared of raising a little girl.

Channing Tatum being scared?

He was scared of some parental challenges that are connected with raising girls. Those fears became even stronger when he broke up with her mother, Jenna Dewan. He became a single father.

Tatum told how he had many fears about his relationship with his daughter. It was the fear of not being connected in a way that a girl wants. She might not be open to talking about her problems and he might not be so familiar with the things she might be interested in.

Basically, he was scared that his daughter might not feel comfortable telling him anything. He was joking ‘I wasn’t really the type who wore nail polish and I didn’t know how to braid hair. However, he learned to do both.

‘As soon as I jumped into this new world I was rewarded with a kind of love that I think, I would never get in any other way. Other fathers shouldn’t be scared to have the same approach to their daughters.’

He said that now, he wears skirts and paints his face as it makes his daughter happy. Channing is determined to do all these things to amuse his little girl. ‘All dads who could have or already have little girls, wear whatever it takes, dance and be as magical as you can be. You will see, that will pay off.’

It seems that Channing mastered being a single father and it seems that he’s doing a remarkable job.


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