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The dumbest Guinness World Records

The dumbest Guinness World Records

People sometimes really try nonsense, so much that many of you will wonder how certain ideas come to their minds at all. We bring you the dumbest Guinness World Records.

10) Riding a bicycle backward and playing the violin

In this ridiculous category, Christian Adam rode backward 60 kilometers on his bicycle while he was playing Bach on the violin. A lot of people were surprised to see Christian pedaling and playing relaxed. However, the young man is studying violin at the academy in Hamburg.

9) The longest hairs from the ears

This disgusting record is held by Indian Radhakant Bajpai. Bajpai is “blessed” with extremely long hair that grows from his ears. He broke the record with hair that was more than 13 centimeters. He is very proud, and breaking the Guinness World Record was a great honor for him, he felt blessed.

8) Maximum number of snails on the face in ten seconds

Alastair Galpin set a meaningless record in 2007. Namely, he held eight snails on his face for ten seconds, enduring their crawling. We can’t tell you who hold this record before, but most likely no one.

7) The most expensive cell phone in the world

Emanuel Gueit made GoldVish, the most expensive mobile phone in the world, sold in a campaign of MarketMOB. This phone is made from a combination of 18-carat of pink, white and yellow gold. And costs one million euros. Not to mention that it is decorated with diamonds of the highest quality. Finally, mobile phones were sold in Russia.

6) The most dangerous bird in the world

The Australian cassowary is the most dangerous bird in the world. They are very unpredictable and aggressive, especially if they feel they are in danger. Cassowaries live in Australia and New Guinea they are actually very shy. Who would say?

5) The most functional knife in the world

The most functional knife in the world is Wei Ge and it has 87 functions. Not to mention that this is the first pocket knife ever designed in this way. It can do everything – from piercing to cutting nails.

4) The largest pizza in the world

The largest pizza was built in 1987 and covered an area of 930 square meters. She weighed 20 pounds. The pizza was cut into 94 thousand pieces and it was eaten by 30 thousand spectators who watched its production.

3) Tap dancer hit the floor most times

Tony Adams danced the tap and hit the floor more than 500 times in a minute. He broke the record in England, and it all started at a young age when his mother sent him to train tap to strengthen his weak legs.

2) The longest flight in a car accident

Matthew McKnight saw a car accident in 2001 and stopped the car and went to help the victims. However, his kindness did not pay off for him. Namely, the car hit him, and he flew 36 meters, breaking a huge number of bones. Luckily, the ambulance was nearby and he survived. All in all, this become one of the dumbest Guinness World Records

1) The longest name of a place in the world

A small village in Wales has 58 letters in the name: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. However, in New Zealand, we can find a place with 92 letters: Tetaumatawhakatangihangakoauaotamateaurehaeaturipukapihimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuaakitanarahu. But the real winner is in Bangkok, whose traditional name has 163 letters: Krungthepmahanakornamornratanakosinmahintarayutthayamahadilokphopnopparatrajathaniburiromudomrajaniwesmahasatharnamornphimarnavatarnsathitsakkattiyavisanukamprasit.


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