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11 Fun Facts You Didn’t know about Dua Lipa

11 Fun Facts You Didn’t know about Dua Lipa

The British Pop queen Dua Lipa has overtaken the scene. Her record already went multi-Platinum in several countries across the world. So let’s find out more about this Superstar!

1. Dua Lipa is her REAL name

Yes, she didn’t need a stage as her real name is Dua Lipa which means ‘love’ in Albanian.

2. She is Albanian

Well, she is actually British as she was born in London but her parents are both Albanian from Kosovo. She returned to live there in 2008.

3. Her dad is also a singer

Dukagjin Lipa is also in the music industry and he is known as the founder of the festival called Sunny Hill Festival in Kosovo.

4. Her choir teacher told her she can’t sing

When she was 11, her choir teacher told her that she can’t sing as her voice is too low. They must be all hitting their heads now!

5. Dua Lipa and one of her fans have matching tattoos

Spanish fan once came up to her and told her that they have the same angel tattoo on their shoulder.

6. Spelling is her secret power

She remembers that she wasn’t good at anything else but spelling. We can all see now that she was wrong.

7. She is the first female artist to receive five Brit Award nominations

In 2008, she got nominated for British Female Solo Artist. That contest was in a dog friendly hotel in Lake District. The Breakthrough Act and MasterCard British Album of the Year. Then, she was nominated for British Single of The Year and British Video of The Year. She is the first female to score five nominations and she ended up taking home two of them.

8. She was one of the most streamed female artists on Spotify

She was at the top until Camila Cabello took the spot. Still, she has 37 million monthly listeners. The most-streamed artist is Ed Sheeran with almost 64 million.

9. Dua was already signed at the age of 18

She was signed by Warner Bros three years later when she moved back to London.

10. Dua Lipa was working at the door of a club

She was struggling to pursue her music career as an artist in the beginning. She was trying to make it, so she worked in the club at the door, denying entry even to her friends who would come in sneakers.

11. Her favourite anime is Ponyo

Ponyo is a cute animated movie, which tells the story of magical sea people who try to save the world from pollution.


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