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Top 10 Harry secrets – Is he really an outsider

Top 10 Harry secrets – Is he really an outsider

Top 10 Harry secrets… Sure you don’t want to know? Prince Harry is one of the most popular royals not only in Britain but in general. Furthermore, he is not only the younger brother of the future king but something much more. There are many interesting facts about his life that will surprise many. In other words, a nickname he had as a child.

Top 10 Harry secrets – Wedding dress as a legacy

One of surely the strangest things Harry could inherit was a wedding dress. In other words after the death of Princess Diana Harry inherited the cloak as well as his brother. The dress is not only a valuable souvenir but also an important memory.

Princess Diana’s untimely death was too much of a shock for her sons. After her death, Harry became an owner of a great fortune. Among other things, a wedding ring. Even though he eventually gave the ring to his brother so he could propose to Kate Middleton.

Does Harry wear a wedding ring?

Unlike other men in the royal family, Harry still wears a wedding ring. Furthermore, the tradition of wearing rings in Britain is new. As well it is a practice that has never become common among the aristocracy. Although Prince Charles wears a wedding ring, Prince William does not.

Space travel

Did you know Prince Harry is a big fan of the Star Trek franchise? Furthermore, his great desire is to train with NASA staff. In conclusion, he wants to be one of the passengers on the Virgin Galactic flight.

Secret profiles on social networks – Top 10 Harry secrets

There is little chance that an account of Prince Harry on one of the social networks will be real. However, Harry had a secret profile for a while. At the time of the beginning of the relationship with Meghan Markle, he used the pseudonym @ SpikeyMau5. As a big fan of house music, he had a pseudonym for his favorite DJ. In other words DeadMau5.

Journey to the South Pole

Prince Harry is a great adventurer, and among the many trips is the one to the South Pole. The Duke of Sussex also took part in the 2011 expedition. However, he was never able to complete the trip because of his brother’s wedding. That trip wasn’t just about adventure. The former Duke of Sussex helped build a toilet platform.

Army instead of college

Harry was never a good student. In addition after graduating from Eton, he decided to take a break. However, instead of attending university, Harry went into the army. Even though he never excelled too much as an academic in the military he had a great career.

Harry responsible for the weird reality show – Top 10 Harry secrets

There have always been a lot of women who wanted to marry Princess Diana’s younger child. Furthermore was so popular that he unknowingly launched the reality show “I Want to Marry Harry”. With the help of the show, the producers wanted to convince the women a real prince was participating in the show. One of the winners said the producers brought in a fake therapist to convince them that it was a real royalty.

Top 10 Harry secrets – What is his real name?

Henry Charles Albert David is Harry’s real name. However, he doesn’t actually have a last name. Growing up, he had several nicknames. For example “my little Spencer”. He got that nickname because of his red hair. Wombat is another nickname, for a family trip to Australia. In addition, there are wombats of local animals.

The most interesting is the history of the nickname Good King Harry. Princess Diana called him that because she thought he might be better than his brother as a future king.

Is Harry Charles’ biological son – Top 10 Harry secrets

For a time, the prevailing opinion was that Harry is not the son of Charles but of James Hewitt. Even though Diana was in a relationship with James, she met him later.

Work on an Australian ranch

In the period between military schooling and graduation, Eton Harry spent most of his time on the ranch. Although the owner is a friend of the late princess, he worked 11 hours every day.


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