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5 Best Movies for Cat Lovers

5 Best Movies for Cat Lovers

If you are a huge fan of the furry little monsters, check out these 5 Best Movies – for Cat Lovers! These movies will wake emotions, make you laugh and maybe even appreciate your fluffy pet even more. So let’s get started!

1. Henri 2; Paw de Duex (2012)

This French masterpiece will make you laugh until you get a six-pack. In this movie, you will see the true description of how we see our cats. It’s like they were reading their thoughts, almost like the cat was able to speak for himself.

The plot is about Henry the cat, who is thinking about his existence and the absurdity of it. The movie has multiple awards and more sequels.

2. Felidae (1994)

It’s a cat detective story where the main character is Francis, an intelligent and cynical cat. He moved into a dark and old house with his owner, archaeologist Gustav Lobel. Francis discovered numerous vat murders during his research in the neighbourhood and tries to solve the mystery.

3. The Aristocrats (1970)

The story begins in Paris, in the house of Madame where she starts talking to a random stranger and talks about how she wants to leave her riches to her cats. By hearing that, her servant Edgar decides to kidnap the cats. Quickly it turns into an adventure that became one of the most interesting stories for kids throughout the world.


4. Of Unknown Origin (1983)

This movie is based on ‘The Visitor’ from 1981. It won two awards at the Festival of film in Paris. It’s not actually a movie about cats – but how would the world look like if they were gone.

5. 5 Best Movies; The Cat’s Eye (1985)

If you love horror and cats, then this is the perfect movie for you. These are three horror stories developing at the same time and they are all connected by – one cat! Of course, all three stories were written by Stephen Kings as you might have guessed. This unusual movie tells about human fear from a cat’s perspective.


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