Home Tech&Game Smart Projection Wristband – does it really work?

Smart Projection Wristband – does it really work?

Smart Projection Wristband – does it really work?

The Smart Projection Wristband was a huge hit when it showed up on the internet. However, it seemed to quickly disappear from the eyes of the public. Why is that? How could something so unique just vanish from the market? Well, because it was fake.

Fake news about Smart Projection Wristband

There were many videos and many images showing this crazy invention and many people got hyped about it. It is possible to order this hologram bracelet – but does it really work? Of course not.

It kind of nurtures the idea that we might not have to carry our phones around but just have a bracelet. This bracelet should contain the projector and you should be able to carry on all of the functions you did on your phone – by just touching the hologram on your arm.

However, if you try to order one of those cool bracelets, you will only end up with a fake fitness tracker. It won’t do anything but track your steps. Nothing related to the hologram or any kind of new technology.

The Ultimate Scam

This was actually, the ultimate scam as they lured so many people into buying a non-existent product and sent cheap fitness bracelets instead. Many people got burned like this and it’s not even discussed. There is basically nothing they can do but try to settle things with the seller – who probably never returned their money.

That is the reason the sale and introduction of this ‘new product’ went silent. There was never anything like this ever made. Maybe there were few concept bracelets made somewhere but they were definitely not for sale – especially not for such a silly price.

If you see an offer like this and think it’s too good to be true – then it probably is. Online shop scams are nothing new and this trend is even on the rise.

When shopping online, choose only secure platforms you trust. In case the website is new to you, check the little lock image on the left top, just before the website address. It will show you whether is the address secure or not.


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