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Are Women Better Drivers After All?

Are Women Better Drivers After All?

Did you know that according to a British study, it was proven that women are safer and therefore better drivers? Examining the target group over a decade, the researchers concluded that it would be better for delivery vehicles such as trucks, cars with trailers, and vans to be driven by women. That would prevent a huge number of traffic accidents. Women are less likely to forget to turn on the turn signal than men. Also, they are less likely to stop in places where it shouldn’t be done. And rarely they will ignore the Stop sign.

Maybe the men will pass the driving test more often from the first time. And it’s hard to see them take additional driving hours. ​But in general, the mystery finally unravels. Women are better and less dangerous drivers. However, this will be very hard for men to accept.

The data suggest that women have fewer driving offenses than man than a man who is often guilty in such situations. Also, men will many times drive under the influence of alcohol and drive without a license or valid insurance. Women are less involved in car accidents, unlike men. And all this lead to the end of the debate over who is the better driver, man or woman

Women vs Men behind the wheel:

  • 75% of the time woman will drive at a reasonable speed if there is a danger on the road – men in 55%
  • 55% of cases woman will stop at a yellow traffic light – men in 44%
  • 54% of woman will negatively affect other drivers – men in 73%
  • 96% of woman will adequately signal what they plan to do on the road – men in 82%
  • 79% they will use mirrors properly – men in 46%
  • 71% they will check the blind spot – men in 82%
  • in 4% of cases, a woman will drive too close to the vehicle in front of them – men in 27%
  • 89% woman will take care about speed limits – men in 86%
  • 64% of cases they drive at a speed appropriate to the situation on the road – men have the same percentage
  • in 96% of cases, they have the steering wheel under control – men in 100%
  • in 43% of cases, they will cut bends while driving – men in 68%
  • 16% of cases the woman will talk on the phone while they are driving – men in 24%
  • in 1% of cases, they enter the traffic in a dangerous way – men in 14%


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