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Assistant Shared Dirty Secrets of Kim Kardashian

Assistant Shared Dirty Secrets of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous people on Earth. In her show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ you can pretty much catch everything that’s going on. Or can you?

Her assistant tells something else. She shared a different story about Kim and discovered a side of her that’s not seen on TV. Stephanie Shepherd had a lot to reveal when she parted ways with Kardashians.

The first thing she spoke about is that Kim takes about a thousand selfies a day. Literally, all she does all day long is take pictures of herself. Stephanie revealed that Kim is so vain that she has her staff remove the objects who are in front of the mirrors. On a four day trip in Mexico, Kim managed to take over 6,000 selfies. She might have just broken some kind of record, who knows.

Does Kim Kardashian have no friends?

Allegedly, Kim would constantly leave clothes everywhere and Stephanie would be the one who would put it back in its place. Well, as she has a ton of servants, she really doesn’t have to think about putting the things back into the place, right?

Stephanie shared that there would be old food in the fridge and the trash in the kitchen was often overflowing. She said that nobody would go into the bathrooms.

One not so outrageous but more sad secret is that Kim doesn’t have any friends. She was friends with Beyonce, Drake and a number of famous people but she got into serious fights with all of them. It’s hard for her to keep friends because she believes she is better than everyone else which causes major fights between them.

Kim also has really low self-esteem which is surprising. Supposedly, what disturbed her the most were the paparazzi pics that got out, showing cellulite on her legs and bum. After that, she went on a strict diet and started exercising every single day.


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