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Gin Will Help You With a Weight Loss

Gin Will Help You With a Weight Loss

Now we know for sure what we should drink on the warm summer days. Dear gin lovers, proudly toast with your glasses – it seems that gin comes with several benefits for our health. In the beginning, we are talking about the alcoholic drink which is made with juniper berries, spruce, or pine. Which is extremely healthy, and it was used in extremely medicinal properties. In the Middle Ages, it was often used in medicine.

But what might particularly surprise you is the fact that gin has extremely low calories. Also, it has several benefits for our health and beauty. So, the next time when someone tells you that gins aren’t the best drink in the world, say some of those facts.

Gin is good even if you are on the diet

Don’t worry about your line. According to Livestrong, gin is one of the least caloric alcoholic beverages with 97 calories per cup. Thanks to the spruce berries, gin will help you to increase the number of enzymes that break down your food and help you will digestion. On the other hand, this does not apply to the popular gin and tonic. But be careful which juices you mix it with.

Gin Will Help You With a Weight Loss 2

Gin will help you with liver and kidney diseases

Thanks to the pine, gin will help you prevent water retention in the body. In this way gin allows more water to leak out than any other alcohol. In other words, all those toxins and bacteria that you consume when you drink alcohol are flushed out of your system more easily.

It’s good for your bones

If you suffer from joint or bone pain, you will be glad to hear that pine can serve as an effective treatment against chronic pain and inflammation like arthritis. We all know for the grandmother’s recipe, where you need to put raisins in the gin and leave it in jars. Just a couple of raisins a day will solve several unpleasant problems.

More antioxidants = fewer wrinkles

We don’t advise you to replace your favorite anti-wrinkle cream with a bottle of gin. But pine trees are full of antioxidants which means they stimulate cell regeneration in your body achieving smoother and healthier-looking skin.

Gin Will Help You With a Weight Loss 2

It prolongs your life

Spruce berries contain flavonoids that are excellent for preventing heart disease and improving blood circulation during aging. However, this does not mean that each glass will prolong your life even more. If you drink too much this will have the opposite effect.


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